The vast majority of players bet today via the Internet. Therefore, we will consider the step-by-step football betting algorithm using the example of online bookmakers.

Determine the maximum budget for the bid

Every professional player has his own financial strategy. Experts advise beginners to bet “flat” – that is, to make all bets of the same size. It is convenient, simple and generally safe, especially if you have a decent bankroll (staking capital). There are also more progressive financial strategies, for example, determining the size of the bet depending on the calculated probability of the result. But such calculations are not within the capabilities of every handicapper.

The main rule is not to bet all-in. Divide your bank into at least 50 possible bets, of course, you plan to be in this business for a long time. And never play with money borrowed or from the family budget.

Registration and account top-up

If you have not yet registered with bookmakers, it is better to do so. It is relevant to have accounts in 3-5 offices, or even 10. This makes it easier to choose the most profitable offers.

Players need understand simple truth – the difference in tenths of the coefficient in practice sometimes means thousands of naira. If there is an opportunity not to give your profit to bookmakers, use it. The more prestigious the office, the more options players have for replenishing their account. There are also electronic payment systems, and transfers from bank cards, and payment through terminals, and even through a mobile provider.

Selecting events for bets

Professionals do not advise beginners to delve into the “painting” and seek luck in markets with dubious prospects. Bet on the results and odds it’s more reliable. Success accompanies those players who choose a narrow niche for work.

Collecting and analyse information

Information about the team and tournament schedules is very necessary, but the main thing is not the amount of information collected, but the ability to interpret it correctly. And don’t be afraid to go against the crowd. If according to your schedule this team should win, and the majority is betting against it, do not be influenced by social stereotypes.

Comparing the coefficients and make a bet

Ideally, you should bet in the office with the most favourable odds. There are services on the network that compare bookmakers’ offers. As a rule, the odds on the favourites drop significantly closer to the start of the event, and on the outsiders – on the contrary. Consider this fact when choosing a time for betting.

Waiting for the results of the match and taking the winnings

If you are an emotional and impulsive person, it is better not to watch the match you bet on. But professionals treat losses completely calmly, because they know that without defeats there will be no victories. Therefore, they watch as much as possible all the matches on which they bet. A few words about strategies – they are financial, game, progressive and conservative. Beginners should first learn how to properly handle the betting bank, and only then test game strategies.

How to bet on football successfully

  • Explore free analytics and forecasts. There are terabytes of free analytics and forecasts online. Find the most reliable, clear and simple sources for yourself and periodically study them.
  • Bet no more than 1-5% of the pot on one result. If you want to bet seriously, divide the pot into 50-100 parts and test your strategies until you break even. Bets on large (relative to the bank) amounts are a sure way to ruin. Play back once, twice, and on the third you will definitely get a profit and the whole bank in addition.
  • Don’t bet on the team you root for. Even if you know everything about this team, personal preferences will play against you. You will either overestimate or underestimate your pets. It is from the fans who bet on their favourite clubs that bookmakers earn a significant part of their profits.
  • Control your emotions. Easier said than done. We are not robots, and we cannot live and work without emotions. But in this case they act against us. A player’s worst enemy is not a cunning bookmaker, but his own desire to win. Having learned to analyse mistakes thoughtfully, and not with the help of another bet, an amateur turns into a professional.
  • Do not bet on decisive matches. It is better to just watch such matches on TV and enjoy watching them. In the coefficients for decisive matches, bookmakers place the maximum margin, and therefore, in the long term, such bets will only bring losses to the player.

First, remember the main thing: believe in yourself and your mind. You can and should study other people’s forecasts, but always make decisions yourself – it disciplines, hardens and develops.