When you offer something unique to the users, they come in lanes to play your games. The same happened with the IO games, the unique style of the gaming, different experience and above all multiplayer mode did the job well and a new niche of games marked its place in the market. So, we are come up with a new IO game, CRAZYSTEVE.IO and you are going to play this online in multiplayer.

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So, get your friends, and click the play button, obviously after picking a name.

Who is the master of playing quick games, which decide the fate of a player within seconds?

While playing CRAZYSTEVE.IO, you do not get enough time, but you got some moments to analyze the game and get yourself started to get the other down.

The game is all about who stands alive, if someone is breathing with you in the level, you cannot become a winner instead he can be, as you are not killing that player.

CRAZYSTEVE.IO is all about having two more eyes on the back of the head, and once you get the other player down, you would be on the cloud nine.

That CRAZYSTEVE.IO is the simplest interface game, even a kid would get to know how to play the game and make the other person defeat.

If you are not getting enjoyed with this game, do not worry there are dozens of others what we have listed and navigate to the section to see some more games to play online.

CRAZYSTEVE.IO became the top choice of the players within the weeks of its release, as the game offers too much to the players that millions of people come online to play it. and also play ZOMBS ROYALE.IO


MOUSE LEFT CLICK= to through TNT , MOUSE RIGHT CLICK= to boost speed